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Hi there.
My name is Simon Szustkowski, and this is my personal homepage.
I am one of those computer guys. I mostly do network and linux administration and a little scripting, preferrably in Ruby. I am quite interested in DevOps stuff, and always willing to test new things.

In my free time, i go on bike rides, geocaching, and taking some photos. I am a licensed ham radio operator (my call is DO1TTK), and sometimes you can hear me on air.
On rainy days, i enjoy flying spaceships in EVE Online. There, i am known as Ryne Ikkara, a proud Caldari, living in the Amarrian airspace.

There is not much more to see here. Maybe you want to visit some of my profiles on various other websites?

I have also a Blog, where i infrequently write stuff about things which i am thinking about.

This host is a node in the DN42 network, AS4242421111
...and also a bridge in the tor network.

If you got lots of certificate errors when visiting this site: This means that you wanted to access a non-existing subdomain
and got redireced to this default page instead. All my existing vHosts have proper SSL/TLS-certificates, provided by Let's Encrypt.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at MAIL <at> SIMONSZU <dot> DE. My GPG key id is 9EAA1201, but to be honest, i prefer unencrypted emails, since GPG is no great-to-use software.